The chatterbox represents your business and the different general areas of the business that work together to deliver products and services to your customers.

When you put your fingers in each of the corners and move them this represents moves, gaps, growth and changes in you business – eg changing customer requirements, changing personnel or employment laws/rules, changes in assets and resource utilisation, changes in processes and technology.

Each of the questions are common areas where gaps appear in a business especially when it is rapidly changing especially growing.

Chatterbox Questions

1.Does everyone have the training they need and are their training records up to date?

With the Focusbis IMS you can automatically email a new employee their username and password and they can login and complete an online induction. 

Training requirements are maintained for each job description which are then added to an employees training requirements when the job description is added to the employee.

All expired training and training due comes up on the alerts page (this page shows you the status of your entire management system)

2. Are your sure that messages/communication are received and acknowledged by staff?

In terms of operations work information is available to your field staff as soon as you submit it on the schedule. The field staff update the project information on tablets so its instantly available to management and clients complete with photos if this is desired.

In terms of safety alerts, toolbox meetings, when you add a meeting, you can add links to media rich content. A message alert goes to all staff to read the content and then sign. The message alert will show until all staff have signed.

3.Are your assets maintained systematically?

The Focusbis IMS enables you to add programmed maintenance to your assets so they remain in service and your not relying on your staff to check stickers. 

When your asset maintenance is completed simply upload the calibration certificate, invoice etc to the asset. You’ll have a complete record of your asset maintenance costs as well as to click through to view the actual invoice.

30 days before your programmed maintenance is due it will appear on the alerts page. It will stay on the alerts page until it is completed.

4.Do you have an up to date asset register?

Focusbis IMS enables you to add assets complete with photos, acquisition info, disposal info, Assets can be sorted by type and can be allocated to staff with sign on and sign off.

The asset register is a great supporting doc for your tenders showing photos, acquisition and maintenance records.

5.Are your operations meeting KPI’s?

The Focusbis project alerts page can be customised to your KPI’s.

The project KPI’s we normally establish are:

  • Request received (all requests quoted within x days)
  • Projects quoted (all projects quoted followed up within x days)
  • Projects accepted (all projects accepted started within x days)
  • Work in Progress (all work in progress scheduled first)
  • Projects to be invoiced (all projects invoiced daily)
  • Projects to be paid (all works paid within 30 days)

6.Can you demonstrate consistent quality in your service?

Focusbis can schedule daily client emails for your projects complete with photos, risk assessments and any other requirements your client has.

Because the data is collected at the time of the event, appropriate triggers are in place to ensure all of your requirements, client requirements and legislative requirements are met.

7.How successful is your planning and objectives?

Focusbis IMS is designed with the latest standard requirements in mind which translates to a robust planning framework considering issues and requirements identified in all of the areas identified in the standards.

This leads to objectives that cascade directly from the issues and requirements. Responsibilities and time frames are identified for the objectives and these appear on the alerts page to ensure they stay front of mind for all concerned.

8.Do you embrace technology to maximise efficiency and return on investment? 

Investing in technology for technologies sake is not necessarily going to maximise efficiency and success for your business. It is important to consider the value in time savings, additional contracts etc. See our ROI calculator for areas our clients have seen significant savings and consider the value Focusbis IMS can bring to your business. 

Call 1300 601 008 or email today to see how Focusbis can minimise the gaps in your business and create extraordinary value.

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