Management Systems

Focusbis specialises in Integrated Management Systems (IMS) – usually this means ISO9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems.

In addition to this FocusBIS also has experience in industry specialised accreditation schemes such as the Accreditted Service Provider Level 1 scheme for electrical organisations providing distribution network electrical services and mining and quarry operations.

Many organisations are experiencing increased regulatory requirements especially when pursuing diversification. Integration of operational and management systems is often key to effectively and efficiently managing accreditation and regulatory requirements.

As a cloud based management system on your domain you have access to view and add/update your records from any device with internet access.

Our systems are flexible and customisable and are in use in a range of industries including construction, programmed and reactive maintenance and service industries and manufacturing.

The key benefits of the Focusbis IMS are:

  • Records can be view and updated easily as well as the distribution of current documents is simple
  • Monitoring the status of your entire management system from a single page. eg training due, servicing and insurances due as well as document reviews and any other KPIS your business measures
  • Adequate information to support robust decision making eg change over processes, upgrade/replacement of assets based on productivity and maintenance costs

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