FocusBIS Online

The FocusBIS online demo shows the base model of Business Information System. It is accessible on the internet for all users with the designated security levels.

The site can either be established with your existing domain or on a new domain.

Hosting can be provided on your own server or we can look after the hosting for you.

This base model serves most businesses well to meet their quality, safety and environmental management system requirements. If you would like to add your operational requirements we can provide a quote for this. Ideally this means your business has a completely integrated management system.

Please feel free to login and browse the different areas of the database. If you have any queries please email or call 0414 754 190.

We also provide an no obligation free quote in Sydney this can be done on site.

Call or Email now to move your business management processes to the next level of simplicity and sophistication.

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