How FocusBIS Online Works

  • The data and the programming is hosted on a web server.
  • The data is then accessed from web pages on the internet.
  • Basically almost any device with an internet connection can access the data.
  • All pages (except for the home page) have security on the pages.

The view below is representative of a system already established and running and will differ slightly from the system proposed for you although it should give you a good indication of what your system would look like. Some projects are around 400 pages in size and manage all the components of your proposed systems as well as the day to day operational projects.

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The Administration View

  • The top level of navigation is through the menus.
  • The admin side of the site is split up into project, personnel, contractors, finance, assets, system, incidents, meetings and my profile.
  • When you mouse over each menu it reveals a list of items.
  • Simply clicking on the item will take you to the page. In this case we are on the job description page.
  • You can then search for a particular job description or scroll through the list and select the printable link.

  • You can see from the list planned replacement dates and a field for CO2 emissions.
  • Assets have classifications and sub classifications so you can easily filter your asset list.
  • The hyperlinks take you to other pages with information about this vehicle such as who it is currently allocated to, service history and its regularly logbook checks.
  • Essentially all of the entry pages look similar in that once you click the add/submit button the information is updated in the database.

The PDA – Field staff View

  • This view shows what the supervisor will see.
  • They just click on the link and it takes them to the page.
  • As you can see from the phone list this list is entered once in the admin view and then supervisors have access to this data.