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7 months ago
Client Management - FocusIMS

Just completed building our Client Management Module. some functionality was previously a whole lot more has been added to get the most out of your management ... See more

Focusims - Client Management Module segments your customers by referral source, status and segment. Actions and comments are recorded by your sales team on the customer file with followup. The alerts ... See more

7 months ago

We've made lots of updates to our plan communicate module. Developed to assist with planning, communicate and actions around the requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001. ... See more

1 year ago

Big changes on the way making certification achievable for even small businesses

3 years ago
We value your referral - FocusBis

Why not get a great return for your referral?

If you value the service we have provided you refer us to your friends and colleagues and we’ll give you a credit of up to 10% on their initial purchase so you can get more from less.

3 years ago
ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

Just put together some slides to show how cloud management system works..... What do you think?

How FocusBIS helps you meet the requirements for ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems

8 years ago
Document Management

Check out the valuable and interesting info

Virtually all business can boast of a certain level of document management. Most run manual and very chaotic systems, at most using only two or three of the document lifecycle stages; create, ... See more

8 years ago
Streamlining Management Systems.swf

Here's a short video on how Focusbis can help your business This overview provides you with the key to some of the areas for streamlining your business the Focusbis Online management system

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