Workplace Training, Assessment and Training Development

FocusBIS has expertise in all areas of workplace training and can assist your organisation in a number of areas. We can assist your organisation with the whole process or any particular area that your organisation wishes to focus improvements on.

Our specialty is developing training in context to ensure that staff not only get the skill of using equipment or process but get it in the context of your organisation. Training in context ensures that training translates into improved work practices. An example of this would be training in the use of a breathalyser as opposed to training in how to complete breath testing using a breathalyser. Training in context using a variety of methods also promotes a higher level of interest and retention for the training participants.

FocusBIS offers training both face to face and online training or a hybrid of both methods.

Competency Based Assessment is also key to effective workplace training. It ensures that both the participant has the skills and competence to apply what has been learnt as well as to ensure that the training completed is effective.

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