Projects are customer focussed and designed specifically to meet our clients’ needs. We have extensive experience in the area of management systems and ensure that the underlying requirements are also considered such as Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems requirements.

Following are some of our recent projects.

K&D Plumbing

Development of an integrated management system including a field technician component to manage construction projects real time.

Gecko Maintenance

Development of a web based management system to manage recurring field maintenance work, including client notification of potential variations instantly from the field including photographs.

Sydney Metro Tree Services

Customisation of an existing web based management system to better meet the operational needs of the business.

Advanced Arbor Service

This project was focused on providing appropriate access to data to field staff on PDA’s personal digital assistants, as well as the ability to update data real time and then to provide access to clients to the real time data. The project involved relocating the current local server database to a web server and developing an application of .asp web pages.

Nursery and Garden Industry

This project involved developing a webbased auditting tool for auditting nursery retailers to ease national reporting for the state based offices as well as providining access to nurseries and automatically updating benchmark figures to promote continual improvement within the industry. The project involved developing a database on a webserver then developing an application using .net web pages. The audit tool is available as a PDA tool as well as a desktop for the auditors.

Cavanagh Cranes and Transport

Development of an Occupational Health and Safety Management plan to assist in meeting contractual requirements for various contracts.

Muntz Electrical

This project was to complete the documentation requirements for Level 1 Acreditted Service Provider (ASP) Accreditation. This accreditation provided Muntz Electrical with ability to better meet their customers needs by offering a complete service.

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Gecko Maintenance